Atlanta For Haiti serves as an Atlanta based conduit for inventive, cultural, spiritual, and empowering Haiti outreach initiatives.We aim to bridge the gap in the quality of human life, connections, and experiences between the Atlanta and Haitian communities, through executing life-inspiring, cultural, spiritual, familial, and educational initiatives which meet the needs of those we serve. 





One of the best things that you can do is sew seeds of love and hope. The ATL4Haiti team is committed to giving our time to the people of Haiti and in order to effectively do this, we need your support. With your contribution, we can ensure that our outreaches are not only filled with hope, but that we make an impact. Your donation can ensure we extend our reach and deepen our impact. We accept individual and corporate monetary donations of all amounts. We appreciate your generosity and pray that it multiplies to reach the people of Haiti at the source of their needs.



At times, we take for granted clean drinking water, a washing machine and dryer for our clothing and even Wi-Fi. Sometimes, we even take for granted a simple pencil to write with. Giving isn't just in monetary donations but also in care packages. In partnership with Mission of Grace, AtlantaForHaiti is able to send care packages directly to the village of Carries. Something as minor as toilet tissue, feminine products, crayons, and coloring books go a long way and are extremely appreciated. For more information on the specific needs for Haiti, please click the link below. We appreciate your kind donation!



If you enjoy volunteering your time, love, passion, and service to others, consider partnering with AtlantaForHaiti! Our team aspires to provide fulfilling, enlightening,  life-changing, and unforgettable outreach experiences not only to those we serve, but also to those who wish to serve. In partnership with Mission of Grace, ATL4Haiti coordinates trips to Haiti, throughout the year! Each trip is uniquely designed to inspire, educate, and unify all involved, along with bringing awareness to the unique life experiences which spiritually fuses us together. If you desire to support our brothers and sisters of Haiti through community building, inventiveness, and providing resources which elevate and improve overall quality of life, we want to hear from you!

Experience A New Way of Life


Encapsulated in the beauty of self-evolution are the boundless moments in which we get to challenge our perspectives, open our minds, and elevate our life experiences. Traveling to Haiti affords ATL4Haiti outreach teams and partners a one-of-a-kind opportunity to expand their global horizons through learning, sharing, and comparing rich and indigenous cultures and ideas. Beyond the--sometimes--negative, hostile, and helpless images of Haiti, portrayed through media, lie calm natures, quiet waters, beautiful and inviting people, authentic and fresh food, and breathtaking views. With its deep-rooted and rebellious culture and history, the country possesses a warm and undeniable pride that leaves a lasting imprint on the souls who dare to take on the colorful nation and all its majesty.